Our Tag A Giant Team Reports in From Canada

The TAG Team in Canada with Dr. Steve Wilson, Dr. Mike Stokesbury and Sir Robbie Schallert had a superstart to our Canadian Campaign in Port Hood, Nova Scotia this past weekend. The team has tagged about a dozen large giants off Port Hood Nova Scotia. The efforts is made possible by the assistance of our great team of fishers from the Region (Captains Dennis Cameron, Bernie Chisholm, Steve Macinnis, Pete Sutherland, Bruce and Ross Kues) and the mates aboard all the vessels but particular Sheldon from the Bay Queen IV.

TOPP Goes Global

It has been a busy summer here at TOPP HQ!  As we approach the completion of the international Census of Marine Life, our team has been hard at work finalizing the analytical tools that we are using to combine the whole TOPP dataset into a cohesive whole - allowing us to perform analyses on tracks from multiple different species, using different types of electronic tags.

Bluefin Tuna in the Gulf of Mexico

Today in the journal PLoS ONE, TOPP scientists Drs.

Hot Tuna and Oil: Bluefin in the Gulf off Mexico

This species, Thunnus thynnus, never gets a break. Imagine a fish with a reproductive strategy where it has to grow from a tiny egg to a 225 lb fish, and than once mature, it goes to spawn in the Gulf of Mexico for 4-6 weeks. If that’s your evolutionary strategy for reproduction, you’d better hope that your spawning ground is just like you left it the year before- warm and clean. The rest of the year the giant bluefin swims the entire North Atlantic ranging from frigid seas off the Maritimes of Canada to Iceland, from the Azores to the shores of North Carolina.

Final Episode - Shark Tagging with NOAA/NMFS

This is the final blog post from a shark tagging expeidition that happened in fall, 2009.  Thanks again to Paul Rogers of Flinders University, South Australia and the NOAA/NMFS team for taking the time to provide us with such nice writing and great photos.  Sorry I fell behind on getting all the entries posted!  Enjoy!

Big hammerhead out from San Diego on the last set

Antarctic Weddell Seal Tagging Project – 22 successful tag deployments!

Despite a slow start to the field season, we kept ourselves occupied with various outdoor survival trainings and gear prepping in the lab.  While we were hoping to deploy tags soon after our arrival in Antarctica, this delay was a welcomed event while we patiently waited for the Weddell seals to complete their annual molt.  However, as more time passed, we realized that we would have a lot of work ahead of us in order to deploy all 22 tags in the time remaining.

Biologging collection published today

One of the most exciting aspects of the TOPP program has been bringing together so many scientists, from so many different areas of expertise, to better understand how marine animals use the ocean.  A highlight of this effort was in September, 2008 when TOPP hosted the Biologging III conference.  A total of 235 attendees representing 20 nations delivered 103 oral and 45 poster presentations, describing a wide variety of biologging applications on 89 different animal species.

Episode 5 -- Shark Tagging with NOAA/NMFS

This is the second-to-last entry in a series of articles from the NOAA/NMFS shark tagging expedition that took place in fall, 2009.


First elephant seal deployment