Why do you tag a squid if, once they are old enough to be tagged, they only live a few months longer?

Question from Noah Luecke:

Hello, I am a student at Cal State Monterey Bay under the major of marine biology. It looks like you will be tagging the Humboldt squid, and I was wondering how you were planning on going about this? Through the mantle, and squid have a life expectancy of under 18 months, do you maybe think that would be a short lived idea considering by the time they are old enough to tag they would not be living more than a few months?

Answered by WilliamGilly

Your question is a good one, and you are right that the squid does not live so long. We can only tag big squid, and we keep the tags on only for 1-2 months. We are mostly interested in learning about movements up squid up and down in the water column, so this approach works. You can download a paper for free that will explain much more at: