When are white sharks at Año Nuevo?

Question from A surfer and student:

When are white sharks at Año Nuevo? When they go offshore are they following the elephant seals? 

Answered by ChrisPerle

Anytime from late summer/early fall to late winter/early spring with the peak in late Fall. And, generally no, they don't follow elephant seals.  White sharks migrate southwest to a "warm" region of the ocean, while adult E-seals migrate northwest to "cold" parts of the ocean.

Satellite tagging data confirmed that, in the fall, white sharks appear near coastal seal rookeries at Año Nuevo and the Farallones just as young elephant seals arrive to rest prior to the annual mating ritual of adult seals. Data showed that, while near shore, tagged sharks rarely dove more than 90 feet (30 meters) below the surface, swimming in temperate waters that ranged from 50 F to 57.2 F (10 C and 14 C).

PSRF research vessel 'Mavrix', engages 5.2 meter shark (C. Perez/PSRF).