How does trash effect the habitats of albatross on Tern Island?

Question from Concerned Bird Friend:

I've heard that there's a lot of plastic trash that can effect albatross, do you see evidence of that out on Tern Island?

Answered by MelindaConners

We absolutely see evidence of plastics affecting albatrosses out here on Tern! Lighters, bottle caps, toothbrushes and shards of unrecognizable plastics brought back by adults to feed their chicks litter the colony floor, and it is pretty much guaranteed that there are plastics in the stomach of every bird. When a chick dies, its body disappears by decomposing into the ground, but an array of colorful plastic items are left marking it's grave. I don't think any albatross, and much other marine life, is left untouched by the vast amount of plastics sweeping across our oceans.